Jade, Fynn, and Eevee at the 2019 Corgi Fest in Erie, PA.

Jade, Fynn, and Eevee at the 2019 Corgi Fest in Erie, PA.

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OUR story

In 2016, I sketched a drawing of a corgi and posted it online. Little did I know this would be the beginning of a new brand, an annual corgi festival, and a huge part of my life. My little character sketch was based on the happiest and silliest breed of dogs I know of- corgis! Though I didn’t have a corgi yet, I admired how joyful corgis always looked. I created some stickers and posted them on Etsy, mainly to sell to friends and family. After a couple weeks, to my surprise sales picked up and I started selling to California, Florida, and then to all over the US!

I continued making cute digital corgi illustrations and created some social media accounts just for fun. In 2017 while scanning posters of local dog events on a bulletin board at at Brewhaha (a dog themed coffee shop in Erie) I had an idea. Why not host a get together for corgi lovers? We could come together in some lovely space outside with our corgis and hang out, picnic style. I’d sell some of my corgi creations and everyone would make some new friends.

At our first Corgi Fest I expected 20 corgis at best and was amazed when we had 70! People had traveled from across the state to attend. For our second event, we invited new vendors and dog trainers to set up booths. That year had folks from as far as Chicago and Raleigh show up. We also started fundraising for corgi rescue groups. By our third annual event we had 277 corgis show up, multiple vendors, food trucks, corgi races, costume contests, and more! In total we’ve raised over $1500 for corgi rescue groups since we’ve started.

We host the Corgi Fest every year in Erie PA. For more information about Corgi Fest, visit www.happicorgi.com/corgi-fest

My daily inspiration: Fynn and Eevee

Adopting Fynn was meant to be. He was actually born on the day of our second Corgi Fest!  A local breeder who was going to attend the Corgi Fest emailed us to say she would not be able to attend. It just so happened that her female had her puppies that very day! I took this as a sign that it was meant to be, and a couple weeks later took home my first corgi, Fynn.

Fynn is a very rambunctious and friendly boy who loves to play. Two years later I decided that Fynn needed a sister so I adopted Eevee from my breeder in Fairview, PA. The two love each other and play all day long! I post their antics online on our facebook and instagram.

Our mission

To bring happiness to the world, one happi corgi at a time!